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At Our Firm, We Put Family First

Last updated on September 8, 2020

If you are standing on the edge of a family transition, you are likely looking at the future with some hesitation. Family law problems have the potential to transform lives, and that prospect can be hard to grapple.

At the Law Office of Maria V. de la Cruz, we have made a commitment to providing the best legal advocacy to the families we serve. We will stand alongside you during these difficult situations and provide emotional support while helping you navigate the legal system. Ms. de la Cruz is a highly experienced advocate for families throughout New York.

Your Compassionate Guide Through The Court System

At the Law Office of Mara V. de la Cruz, you can expect to receive personalized attention and answers to all of your family law questions. Ms. de la Cruz can assist you with legal issues including,

  • Child custody and visitation, which includes determination as to where a child lives, which parent makes decisions about their daily life and the time a parent can spend with their child.
  • Child abuse and neglect matters, defending against allegations of child abuse or child neglect, and wrongful removals of children.
  • Family offense proceedings, which include criminal offenses committed against a member of your family. This may include harassment, stalking, disorderly conduct and other allegations.
  • Child support, which may include payments made from one parent to the other to assist with the expenses of raising a child such as food, clothing, childcare and other costs.
  • Paternity, which establishes the identity of a child’s father. Paternity may affect child custody and visitation, child support and other decisions within the court system.
  • All family law related issues

Whether you need a fierce litigator who will fight for your right to see your children or a legal advocate who can guide you through the court system, our firm is here to help you.

Personalized Approaches To Individual Needs

Our firm works hard to build relationships with our clients that are based on trust and understanding. Ms. de la Cruz takes the time to sit down with every client and listen to their concerns before discussing their desired outcome. She will help you evaluate your options while making educated decisions about your future. Ms. de la Cruz is committed to helping her clients through every step of the legal process. She helps clients navigate the court system while helping them feel comfortable and confident with her as their legal advisor.

Ms. de la Cruz has over a decade and a half of litigation experience and possesses the ability to conduct thorough investigatory work to resolve legal issues. She provides fierce advocacy for her clients while helping them achieve the best outcome possible in their situations.

Highly Experienced In Advocating For Individuals And Families

At the de la Cruz firm, we guide families through the legal system and help them make informed choices about their futures. For most families, these will be issues they have never encountered before. In every situation, our attorney explores all available legal options to help families do what is best for their children.

Ms. de la Cruz is experienced in litigating all family law matters including child custody and visitation.  If one parent has been denied access to their child, she can assist the parent in resuming contact with the child and obtaining an order of visitation. Ms. de la Cruz has tried hundreds of child abuse and neglect matters throughout the course of her career and has successfully appealed indicated reports of abuse and neglect with the Office of Children and Family Services.
Ms. de la Cruz has focused on the practice of family law for the duration of her career and provides her clients quality representation. Her focus is to help her clients achieve their desired outcome.

Retaining Relationships Throughout The Process

Over the course of her career, Ms. de la Cruz has seen firsthand how family law proceedings can alter relationships between spouses and between parents and their children. Our firm fights to keep these relationships amicable and reduce the potential conflicts that can drive family members apart.

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