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At the de la Cruz firm, we prioritize building a relationship with our clients so they feel heard, respected and confident about their futures. Hablamos español.
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Family Law

From child support to custody and visitation, we can answer your questions and help you determine what happens next.Explore More

Compassionate, Thorough And Experienced Legal Guidance

Helping You Do What’s Best For Your Children

Our legal team is dedicated to helping your children thrive. We understand that regardless of their age, children can be heavily affected by a tumultuous family life, neglect, their relationship with their parents and other circumstances. Because of this, we take special considerations to ensure they feel supported. We will work with you to determine the best strategy for child custody, visitation, grandparents’ rights, child support and more. Ms. de la Cruz is a fierce advocate with extensive trial experience who will fight for your children while working hard to foster the maintenance of healthy family relationships.

Fierce Advocacy For Clients

As an attorney with over a decade and a half of litigation experience, Maria V. de la Cruz is able to provide her clients with a unique perspective of their family law concerns. She is truly dedicated to the practice of family law and helping her clients achieve the best outcomes possible for their situations. Ms. de la Cruz is a bilingual attorney who can provide strong and compassionate representation on:

  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Family Offense matters
  • Child support or Spousal support matters

She is also a highly skilled cross examiner with the ability to conduct investigatory work to resolve legal issues. No matter how complicated your family law issue may be, Ms. de la Cruz can help you navigate through it to find a solution.